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January 2019

As a New England native and professional sports fan, the past two decades have brought a wealth of titles. This got me interested in looking at which regions have had the most professional sports success. In this article I first visualize the championship history, and then take an initial stab at figuring out what regions have had it best.

The History

In this section I look at the historical record. I've broken up the past 75+ years into 3 time chunks. To define the regions, I used this wikipedia article (opens in new tab). The regions are sorted by total titles in the periods, and I only show the top 15 here. The history uses this key, and you can also click on the year boxes for more information.

2018 to 2000:

1999 to 1980:

1979 to 1960:

Ranking Regions

So which regions have had it best? To get a sense for this I did the following:

The ranked result is (only regions with a first place are colored in):

Try It Yourself

Adjust the weights to explore the rankings, recalling the formula:

score[ yearn ] = sum( yearn wins and losses ) + scaler × score[ yearn-1 ]

For example you can weight some sports more, or make the effect of the past weaker or stronger:


This was a fun project. There are a lot of things I'd like to do better:

Hopefully I'll get to all that soon. In the meantime, let me know what you think!

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